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We’re an award winning creative team with a passion for storytelling. 

Our mission to combine our skills to create advertising from a new perspective.

Original. Effective. Ethical.

As a team, not only do we want to create amazing content that gets the world talking, we also want to create a positive social impact in the world.

We have decided to integrate this idea into our business model, where we donate 10% of our earnings to sustainable charities from each project.

Randy Bradley, Developer


Yoson has spent the last 25 years of his life working as a professional day dreamer. Along the way he has had a few opportunities to work creatively with a few world recognized companies, namely: HBO, Disney, and NZME, learning from some of the best in the Film and Commercial industry.

Randy Bradley, Developer


This handsome Eurasian known as George has spent most of his life juggling between the career paths of music and business. After spending some time in Shanghai working for advertising agencies, he now also consults for Bain & Company. Oh did we mention? He’s also a Berklee College of Music graduate (aka pop-star).

Randy Bradley, Developer


You may recognize this beautiful face somewhere… probably not from when she worked as a Lawyer, but from the years when she fronted programmes on Aotearoa’s nationwide television. Liz loves taking a fresh approach to communicating ideas and is confident in Manifest’s promise to our customers.

Randy Bradley, Developer
Client relations manager


Luke has been working with Customers, Clients and Brands for 5 years. He has worked with Brands like Export, Nutella, and Tiptop and for clients like Save the Children, HRV and The Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind. Luke does best with his favourite phrase “Customer first, second and third”.

Randy Bradley, Developer


Cameras and pretty images. It runs in his blood. With a flick of his finger Leigh pushes down on the record button and away he goes. Descriptions of a ballerina esc dance will now take place between him and his subjects. For Leigh, this is where the story is told. This is his version of ecstasy (we’ve never tried it).

Randy Bradley, Developer


Helping people realise their dreams is Jen’s drive for being a great Producer. She has produced two films that have been accepted into Cannes Film Festival and New Zealand International Film Festival. She goes the extra mile to ensure a production runs smoothly and that the end product is something everyone can be proud of.